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A lease transfer is one of the most important transactions for Canadian leasing customers because transfers are strategically beneficial for:

Lease Transfers are the most affordable solution and lease exit action plan

LeaseBusters pioneered the lease transfer concept in Canada in 1990 and it is still going strong today. Many competitors have come and gone but the true core and spirit of professional vehicle lease transfers or car lease transfers can only be found at LeaseBusters.

Since 1990, vehicle lease transfers have taken on many synonyms, such as:

  • Lease Take Over (or Lease-Take-Over, or Vehicle Lease Take Over)
  • Lease Assumption
  • Lease Exit
  • Lease Equity Transfer (or Lease Transfer of Equity)
  • Lease Seller (or Lease Sale)
  • Lease Swap
  • Lease Trader (or Lease Trading)

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