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How it Works

Buying and Selling your vehicle and/or your finance contract on FinanceBusters.com


If you have a vehicle you’d like to or need to sell, select the Sell your vehicle link and enter the requested information. You will receive a FinanceBusters account as part of the sign-up process to manage your listing after your vehicle has been posted. Once you have completed the form, the following steps will occur:

Your Loan Specialist will call you in less than one business day to collect any additional information we may require to evaluate and assess your file.

Your Loan Specialist will provide you with professional pricing guidance to be certain you’re getting the best market price for your vehicle.

Your Loan Specialist will confirm you understand how to sell and properly represent your vehicle and will send you the Process Checklist.

Once the selling explanation and pricing guidance has been completed, you’ll pay your Loan Specialist the one-time activation fee of $199 plus applicable taxes which is valid until you sell your vehicle. You’ll be able to manage your listing as well as online Offers and Hot-Buyer matches through your FinanceBusters account.

FinanceBusters recommends and encourages all Sellers to use original vehicle photos. See our Photo Guidelines to review the best pics to improve the selling experience.

Sell your vehicle    Private Sale Checklist    Loan Transfer Checklist


If you’re looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle from the private or dealer market or you want to take over the payments of a low interest car loan then the process begins with conducting a vehicle search. Here’s what to do:

Select Search for a Vehicle, then choose the makes and categories that interest you.

Once you have made a short list of ideal vehicles, call the Sellers and make arrangements to go see and road test the vehicles.

Many FinanceBusters listings have transferrable loans for your consideration; otherwise you can purchase the vehicle and arrange your own financing and, in many cases, use dealer financing.

Once you have decided on a FinanceBusters vehicle, please use our Process Checklist if it is a private listing.

New Vehicles

FinanceBusters is one of Canada’s best new vehicle advertising platforms for new car dealerships. FinanceBusters registered dealers can use our Details page to provide both the vehicle and loan details. Other new car features include:

Name of the new car dealership and the professional product advisor’s contact information.

A discounted final sale price for posted the new vehicle.

A tool to make an Offer on the vehicle.

Dealer Pre-owned Vehicles

FinanceBusters is one of the only major online pre-owned vehicle websites that has loan disclosure functionality for dealer used vehicles. FinanceBusters accepts pre-owned listings from professional new car dealerships with high customer satisfaction indexes and committed to the best buying experience for their customers.