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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some listings have a loan transfer option and other listings only have sale prices?

Some banks and finance companies do not allow their loans to be transferred; as a result those Sellers can only offer a sale price.

Are there dealership new car listings on FinanceBusters.com?

Yes, FinanceBusters’ new car listings provide an excellent comparable for Buyers to review before they decide which vehicle to buy.

Are there dealership used vehicle listings on FinanceBusters.com?

Yes, FinanceBusters’ is one of the best platforms to view dealership vehicle loans and price on quality pre-owned vehicles.

How do I determine whether or not the posted vehicles have been involved in a previous collision?

FinanceBusters is a registered partner of CARFAX. We recommend you acquire a report on the vehicle you are interested prior to finalizing your transaction. FinanceBusters also endorses a vehicle inspection by an accredited mechanical facility to check for previous collision repairs.

Can I make a down payment or use my trade-in on a vehicle that has a loan transfer option?

No. A transferrable loan contract cannot be altered or changed in any fashion. If you have a trade-in you can either sell in privately or wholesale it to an interested dealership.

If I take over a finance/loan contract, am I actually buying the vehicle?

Yes, you’re buying a used vehicle, paying tax on the vehicle and assuming the balance of the existing loan contract. You’re not arranging a new loan to pay for the vehicle. The vehicle registration/ownership will be in your name at the time of signing.

How much does it cost to post my vehicle on FinanceBusters and how long will my posting remain on the website?

The FinanceBusters’ registration fee is $199 plus applicable sales taxes; your listing will remain active on the website until it sells.