Help your listed vehicle sell faster and with more transparency

CARFAX and the BUSTERS have partnered to improve the quality of your listing by adding a CARFAX button and CARFAX report to be part of your listing.

This optional report can be purchased by all LeaseBusters and FinanceBusters Sellers and be set up on all listings.

LeaseBusters Buyers want to know that the lease that they are considering is a clean car and that it has not sustained any previous accident damage. If there was a previous repair, the Buyer wants to know that it was repaired properly.

FinanceBusters Buyers prefer that the vehicle they purchase has not been in an accident and if it was, they want certainty that it was a minor crash.

LeaseBusters & FinanceBusters Sellers

A "Seller" is a customer who has an Active vehicle listing on LeaseBusters or FinanceBusters to find someone to either take-over their lease or buy their vehicle.

If you are a LeaseBusters or FinanceBusters Seller and would like a CARFAX report to be part of your Active listing, click on the "Sellers" button.

LeaseBusters & FinanceBusters Buyers

A “Buyer” is a customer actively in the market to take over a LeaseBusters lease or buy a FinanceBusters vehicle that is currently posted on either website.

If you are a LeaseBusters or FinanceBusters Buyer and have the VIN of the vehicle you are interested in, click the "Buyers" button to purchase your CARFAX Report.