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About Us
The Preferred Dealer Network (PDN) is a division of the Leasebusters Digital Division and can be accessed through all Leasebusters sites as well as through its own URL: newcardealerlocator

The network was built for Canadian vehicle shoppers to assist them in researching the best new car dealership that will meet all their needs and expectations. Prior to the launch of the PDN, vehicle shoppers would have to rely on the new car manufacturer’s websites or do random searches on one of the internet’s major search engines in order to find a dealership that might suite their needs.

The challenge with random dealership searches is determining what the specific dealership has to offer and verifying their advantages and locations with other dealerships within a similar geographical area.

The PDN allows customers to search for a particular brand (vehicle make) based on an entered postal code (which could be convenient to their home or office); the search results supplies the customer with 5 dealership PDN modules that contain their main offerings and a customer feedback/rating feature. The search result also calculates how far away the dealership is located from the originally entered postal code which also assists the customer with their dealership selection process.

The Preferred Dealer Network is a national feature that can also assist customers from one part of the country to research, select and shop at a dealership in another part of the country. More and more customers are purchasing and leasing vehicles from other parts of the country today and the PDN makes the process easier and personal.

The PDN is always looking for more websites to reside on; if you want the PDN on your website, email us at and we will have an account manager contact you.

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